Why Us

Some units on the market are not tunable in range as they are essentially a resister designed to change a signal from one set parameter to another, EG from 1 to 0.6 (with a few small adjustments in between) and so does not have the ability to modify its output as the engine speeds up and slows down and adjusts for temperature  etc.

An DTP Ultimate chip is power by a micro processor and knows the limit it must achieve, whatever information it is receiving. This is how we have leading power gains in the industry. Whether the engine is spinning at 1000 RPM or 6000 RPM, the DTP Ultimate chip can modify its output to keep the programmed output to a constant.

The Toyota D4D engine, some BMW and Audi’s have fuel injection systems that run multiple values, our processor based system can mirror those and follow them up and down as required. This is why we are one of the few companies that can reliably fit chips to Toyota engines with certainty that it will work perfectly and make the large power gains we advertise. A resistor based unit really shows its shortcomings with the Toyota D4D and twin turbo BMW and Audi systems.

There is no point tuning an engine in an area of the rev range that you don’t drive in. Take a large truck for instance with a 750 RPM range of usable power. With DTP Ultimate chips, we can program the chip to make optimum power at 1500-2000 RPM.

With a small truck with a usable power range from 1500-3500 RPM. We will program our DTP Ultimate chip to make optimum power at 2750 RPM

With a BMW 3.0D with a usable power range of 1500-5000 RPM, we can tune our DTP Ultimate chip to make optimum power at 3500 or 4000 RPM

Remember, there is no engine or product in the world that makes optimum power all through a rev range, and diesel tuning chips are no exception. Turbo, modified cylinder heads, camshafts and exhausts all have an optimum portion of the rev range where they work best.

If you buy an DTP Ultimate chip you will  have a chip that works best with your car or tucks engine. Remember, if it doesn’t have an adjustment to move the tuning in the rev range, then the unit has been surpassed by more modern technology and is in effect obsolete.