Terms of Sale

1. On purchase of any item from our Company, you enter a legal contract of supply. Our contract is to supply the specified ordered part/product as stated as soon as practicable. Both parties are only released of their obligation on receipt of the orded product/s. No other obligation is offered nor implied.

2. Delivery times whether stated/quoted, whether verbal or otherwise are estimated times only and do not form any obligation or contract to perform within the stated delivery times or release either party from the contract to supply.

3. We reserve the right to use any such delivery company/courier as we desire and will be at our discretion. All delivery times are approximate and should be regarded as such.

4. Performance Modules All performance modules are supplied to the customer’s specifications and any incorrect module supplied on the information supplied by the buyer shall incur a replacement fee/re-shipping fee which the buyer shall be responsible for.

5. All performance chips, modules and systems are fitted at the complete risk of the buyer and should not be fitted to a vehicle unless it has covered 1000 miles and we are not responsible for any damage whatsoever however caused by the fitting of any product/module supplied.

6. We will not be held responsible for incorrectly supplied, fitted, adjusted, set product or any damage real or virtual in relation to such or any vehicle or any part of. Should we supply an incorrect item, we will replace the said item at our cost as soon as possible and does not release any party from the contract to supply.

7. Our warranty lies only with the product supplied which shall be replaced or repaired at our discretion.

8. Most modules and all digital modules are made to order specifically for the buyer and set or are programmed with software for the customer’s vehicle before despatch and may therefore be excluded from the distance selling regulations.

9. Any module supplied specifically for the customer will not be returnable unless faulty in which case we will repair or replace the item at our discretion.

10. Any product which has been damaged deliberately or at the fault of the installer or buyer will be excluded from the warranty claim.

11. We will not repair/replace any product which we believe has been damaged due to wrong installation, bad workmanship, incorrectly ordered, incorrectly wired, incorrectly set/adjusted, wrong polarity, deliberate or accidental damage, heat damage, water/moisture damage, friction damage, ultra sonic damage, static discharge, lightening, fire, or any other physical damage.

12. All performance and fuel saving figures quoted are done so as a guide only of what we have achieved in past tests and in no way offer any guarantee that the quoted figures of performance or fuel savings will be gained by all vehicles due to the nature of the product, vehicle variables, differing fuel grades, mileage, and ECU and software program updates. Fuel saving is totally dependant on the way the vehicle is driven and because of this we do not guarantee any increase in fuel efficiency whatsoever.

13. No claim will be entertained if a specific vehicle or module fails to deliver the quoted increase figure whether in horsepower, torque or econony. Power increase will also depend on the setting of the module which will be the responsibility of the installer/buyer.

14. Certain modules may require removal of components from within the vehicle to enable the fitting of such. We will not be responsible for any cost involved in relation to garage fees paid in relation to the fitting of our product under any circumstances.

15. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inform their insurance company that their vehicle has been modified and we will not be responsible for lost/refused claims in the event of non payment due to not informing the insurance company of the modification. Nor will we be responsible for lost claims in relation to the vehicles warranty, or the warranty being declared void by the warranty issuer/s and the responsibility for which lies entirely and solely with the customer/buyer.

16. Fitting these systems may affect your manufacturer’s warranty and or insurance and the onus is on you to check this.

17. Returns will NOT be accepted if the system has been fitted, was made to order, or has been calibrated, and/or if not in original, unused and saleable condition.


18. All digital modules are made and programmed to order specifically for the buyer and set or are programmed with software for the customers specific vehicle before despatch and are as such excluded from the distance selling regulations and will not be accepted unless faulty in which case will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

19. Any item which is returned without prior agreement will be returned to the customer for which postage will be chargable.

20. If we agree to refund a system which was supplied correctly because the system is no longer required, we will issue a returns code which must be included on the outside of the package and we will charge a restocking and administration fee of 25% + vat to cover costs incurred as long as the system is returned strictly within 7 days from the date of receipt. The remainder will be refunded to your card within 30 days.

21. In all instances, any item returned outside of 7 days from receipt will not be accepted, unless faulty.

22. The customer is responsible in all instances for the cost of returning all goods which must be insured fully against lost. DTS will not accept any responsibility for any item being returned which is lost or damaged in the post.

23. Returns Policy

We have a strict returns policy in place which must be ahered to should a tuning system need to be sent back to us. If the need arises to return a product back to us, you must telephone us first on 0776761736. Many problems can be solved over the phone to get the product working and it is often not needed to return the unit.

Should the unit need to be returned, we will give you a returns code and the correct address for returning the goods. The goods should then be sent back well packaged using an insured delivery service such as special delivery. We are not responsible for the goods until they have been delivered. The returns code must be written clearly on the front of the package which will help us identify the goods to your account. If the returns code is not visible, then the goods will not be accepted.

24. Purchasing and/or fitting your system indicates your acceptance of these conditions of sale, if you do not agree to these terms of sale then please do not buy