Can the DTP Ultimate Chip hurt the engine of my car?
No, because during the development of engines, the vehicle manufacturers allow for power reserves which we use with DTP Ultimate Chip. All the engines sensors and the cars computer have been left completely untouched. If the car detects that pressures are too high, then the cars computer will turn them down. For every kind of engine tuning we recommend to keep servicing up to date, oil changes, transmission, timing belts etc.

Can I install DTP Ultimate Chip without mechanical knowledge?
Yes, the installation is easy. All you need for the installation is included in the package.

Can I use my DTP Ultimate Chip on my next vehicle?
Yes, if your new vehicle is a common-rail diesel as well, you can take DTP Ultimate Chip with you. You may need a new cable that we can supply at a very reasonable price and new settings for the internal adjusters which we can also supply.

From which to which mileage can I install DTP Ultimate Chip?
You can install DTP Ultimate Chip independently of the mileage. Because of the gentle digital system you don´t have any risks at all. Some car dealerships install DTP Ultimate Chip from the first km on. Admittedly you should observe the recommended running-in period of the manufacturer. We have as well customers who installed DTP Ultimate Chips in cars well in excess of 200,000 km, not a problem at all because of our digital system.

Can you detect the DTP Ultimate Chip after it’s removed?
No, after you remove the DTP Ultimate Chip it is not possible to tell that there was one on the vehicle. Different from the normal Chip tuning where the original vehicle software is manipulated, DTP Ultimate Chip is a residue-free upgrade.

Will there be higher emissions?
No, no increase in carbon foot print will occur due to the use of the DTP Ultimate Chip.

I have a particulate filter; can I install DTP Ultimate Chip anyways?
Yes, because of our digital unit, it is possible to install an DTP Ultimate Chip in your vehicle that is equipped with a particulate filter.

How can I save fuel even though I have more Power?
If you drive the vehicle the same, like on a trip than you will defiantly achieve a fuel saving as the engine will be running in a more efficient manner. Your engine will be running more fuel pressure and a mapped fuel curve as well; this will generate more turbo boost. More boost and fuel pressure will generate a longer burn in the power stroke and so generate more power and Torque at a set throttle opening, which will decrease fuel usage. It’s a bit technical but in short, each power stroke makes more power as there is more fuel pressure and more boosts.