All products are built and assemble in the UK with 5 years warranty.

These units are built to last the lifetime of your vehicle with a tough heavy duty ABS plastic exterior and resin filled internals to protect against vibration, moisture and engine heat.  Each DTP Ultimate Chip is built specifically for your vehicle’s engine so we can guarantee that the unit will deliver increased power, more torque and fuel savings of between 10% to 20%. These units are simply the best tuning solution available for your diesel engine!

DTP Ultimate Chip simply plug into the fuel injectors and take control of the fuel delivery system.  Each unit has built in safety features that ensure your engine cannot be damaged.  Your engines safety systems are not compromised and will still work when a DTP Ultimate Chip has been installed. DTP Ultimate Chip will not affect the dealer’s ability to diagnose engine faults.  The unit can be removed in minutes or can be simply switched off. You can expect significant power increases and fuel savings in the safest possible way. There is simply no superior system available.

Be it a small family car or a SUV, we can provide a DTP Ultimate Chip unit that is simple to install with no down time and provided from a company that has tuned over 50,000 vehicles world-wide since 1987!

If you have questions about whether a DTP Ultimate Chip is the best option for your vehicle please call  09175700087 / 09985100000 / (02) 5146544 to talk to our technical team for more in depth information regarding our products.